The equipment

The studio’s Gratz® equipment

My Pilates studio is equipped exclusively with Gratz® equipment, specifically designed for Pilates
and imported directly from the United States.

Gratz® apparatuses are handcrafted according to the plans of Joseph Pilates, the creator of the Pilates method.
Made from wood and metal, these apparatuses also include springs that create auto-resistance
and therefore allow deep muscle strengthening.

This whole equipment is part of a global and progressive systemof training, which allows you to explore your body and develop your full athletic potential.

Based on a workout routine, a set of movements performed either on the Reformer™ or the High Mat™, I will guide you through all these tools to work on your body’s strength, flexibility, and fluidity of movement.

It’s not a machine, it’s an apparatus!
A machine works for you, an apparatus, you have to work with it.

Romana Krzyzanowska