Pilates classes

Tailor-made Pilates training
for All

I offer Pilates classes at all levels (for beginners, intermediate, or advanced people),
on the floor, and on Gratz® apparatuses, which are specially designed for training harmoniously the body, tone it, and build deep muscles.

Private Pilates classes take place in my private studio and online. I also offer small group Pilates classes online only.

By working with a private Pilates teacher, you will benefit from personal coaching all throughout your training program.

Pilates sessions are designed specifically for YOU and to meet YOUR needs. My job is to guide you, based on our discussions, towards what is most beneficial for your body on the day of the training session.

A global and progressive method

The Pilates method is a genuine tailor-made physical awakening. The goal is not to perform a series of movements, but rather to develop, with the help of a professional, your own workout routine in order to gain strength, flexibility, vitality, and living comfort.

Session after session, you acquire greater autonomy and your movements gradually become second nature, while I guide you through the range of tools provided by the Pilates method.

When necessary, I can use other methods, such as Rose Pilates®, the de Gasquet® APOR method (particularly in pre- and postnatal periods), or hypopressive exercises for more specific needs and as part of a therapeutic or rehabilitation journey.

All these methods have in common with Classical Pilates a deep muscular reinforcement tailored to fit the needs of the person.

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