The teacher

Laure Berardi, your private Pilates teacher

As a trained nurse and Certified Pilates teacher (Lineage Comprehensive Teaching Program Jacqueline Martin), I have been supporting women and men day after day on their way to physical and mental fulfilment for the past 4 years.

Pilates is accessible for people of all ages and levels of ability. The studio’s equipment is specially designed for training harmoniously the body, tone it, and build deep muscles.

Private pilates classes take place both online and in my studio. I also offer pilates online classes for small groups.

No matter what your needs are, I will guide you step by step to reach your goals and rediscover your body.

I am looking forward to starting this journey with you!

Pilates Yours,



Lineage Comprehensive teaching Program Jacqueline Martin

Maternity physiology and pre-and postnatal yoga
(APoR B de Gasquet®)
Perineo-Abdominal skills (APoR B de Gasquet®)

Rose Pilates (CNFK-Centre national de formation
des Kinésithérapeutes)

They tried Pilates, and they loved it!

I am 49 years old, have 3 boys and a sporty husband. I have to stay in shape. While I was completing training to become a yoga teacher, I discovered Pilates with Laure. It is a very interesting complement in terms of muscle strengthening.

YannickYoga teacher

Two years ago I contacted Laure because I had breathing problems… Thanks to her listening skills and her kindness, Laure made me work without pushing me too hard. The individual sessions helped me develop my body consciousness and reinforce my self-confidence. Today I am willing to train Pilates more intensively and I even consider swimming and fast walking.

Anne-ElisabethLife Coach

Before meeting Laure I did not know anything about Pilates. I gave it a try, and after three years I became a huge fan. Pilates helped me correct my bad postures and work on my deep muscles, even those I never heard
about before.

CélineActive Mom

I am usually fonder of cardio training, but I was very surprised by how the Pilates method is efficient for staying in shape and feeling good. Prenatal sessions are a good comprise, as we work both on our body and mental health in order to get prepared for childbirth. I was looking for concrete and personalized advice for taking care of my body and relieving pregnancy-related aches and pains, and I found everything I needed with Laure, who has a true sense of commitment.

Elodieyoung mom