Classes at the studio

My private Pilates Classes
at the studio

Get the most out of personalized sports coaching in a calm and friendly place and fully regain your energy! My Pilates studio is equipped exclusively with Gratz® apparatuses, specifically designed for Pilates and imported directly from the United States.

The goal of the Pilates method is not to perform a series of physical exercises,
but rather to develop session after session your own workout routine for gaining strength, flexibility, vitality, and living comfort.

As you go along, you will become more familiar with the equipment and movements will become second nature. My role is to guide you through the whole range of tools offered by the Pilates method.

When necessary, I can use other methods, such as Rose Pilates®, the de Gasquet® APOR method (particularly in pre- and postnatal periods), or hypopressive exercises for more specific needs and as part of a therapeutic or rehabilitation journey.


Individual 50-minute studio session:

How do I prepare
for my first studio Pilates class?

During your first Pilates training, you will perform movements on the studio’s equipment in a sitting and standing position, as well as lying on your back or stomach, and we will discuss your motivations and expectations.

Classical Pilates sessions are best performed barefoot, in flexible sportswear.

Please do not wear zippers on your clothes, which could scratch or damage the leather of the equipment.

Don’t forget to be equipped with a towel as well as a bottle of water to hydrate yourself after the session. As with any physical exercise, you will be moving, breathing, and certainly sweating!
Also, make sure you are not training while digesting.