The Pilates Method

Pilates – a global training method for all

Pilates is a global and progressive training method that was created 100 years ago by Joseph Pilates, a mechanical movement and kinaesthesia genius.

Classical Pilates is much more than just a set of exercises: it is a system, in which the body and the mind work together in harmony. Pilates training makes you work on the deep muscles of the abdomen (the so-called Core), and helps you strengthen your body’s alignment, using your own physical and mental resources.

The Pilates method is a genuine tailor-made physical awakening. The goal is not only to learn and perform movements, but rather to develop, with the help of a teacher your own physical potential to gain strength, flexibility, vitality, and improve your living comfort.

Pilates classes are neither violent nor traumatic for the body, as they are adapted to answer your needs. Anyone can practice Pilates: athletic or sedentary people, women or men, young or old! Pilates training, with the guidance of a certified teacher, can also be a precious complement during treatment, after an injury during your rehabilitation, or as a support tool when going through a life change.